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International Workshops on Bioinformatics

Workshops about Introduction to Bioinformatics, Programming for Bioinformatics, NGS Data Analysis and Bioinformatics for SysAdmins

  • August 2, 2010 – August 6, 2010

Cursos de Bioinformática

  • Course. Sequence Mining in Biological databases: "A case with EMBOSS and MRS"

    March 22, 2010 – March 26, 2010

    Aims of the course
    • To familiarize the students with the most commonly used sequence databases.
    • To orient them with mining sequences using basic EMBOSS and MRS web interfaces
    • To teach students powerful ways of mining sequences using command line emboss and MRS with the goal of constructing their own pipelines.

    Number of places in the course: 20

    Course Instructor: George Magklaras (

    Knowledge prerequisites:

    Attendees should already have:
    • Intermediate knowledge of the UNIX shell.
    • Some basic scripting ability (Perl is preferred but other scripting languages might be applicable), so that they are able to modify PERL scripts.
    Candidates must create an account and provide their personal information.   After that, get into the "Call for Papers", section, then follow the "Submission Process". In the field "Abstract" of "Step 2" describe how the course will help you with your current research project.